10 Ways to get ready for warm weather

Things are a bit crazy right now, but spring is in the air and since we are all social distancing at home, it is a good time to check for any damage and prepare your home for warm weather. Remember to stay safe, and take health and safety precautions if repairs are needed.

Clean, or replace, your gutters

Having clogged gutters during rainstorms can damage your roof, siding or foundation.

Reseal exterior woodwork

Decks, fences and other wooden outdoor structures stay in better condition and last longer if they are resealed or stained every year or two.

Check for signs of Termites

From March through June, be on the lookout for winged insects. Call a licensed pest control company if you see winged insects flying out of a hole in woodwork.

Inspect your roof

You don’t need a ladder! You can usually spot problems with binoculars or zoom in with a smartphone camera. Look for cracked or missing shingles. If anything doesn’t look right call roofer.

Clean your windows and door Screens

Clean them inside and out with a window cleaner. If your screens were on all winter, remove and clean them with mild detergent and lay them out to dry before putting them back on.

Rake your Lawn

Spring growth can be inhibited when there are too many leaves or branches left on a lawn. Use a lightweight rake and remember to wear gloves to protect your hands.

Test Summer equipment

Tune-up your lawn mower and get fuel. Prep your grill for your first outdoor BBQ and make sure your air conditioner is ready for the summer heat.

Get your Lawn furniture

Bring out your lawn furniture and rinse it with a hose or a mild detergent. Check for signs of rust or paint erosion. Spray enamel can prevent further damage from the elements.

Clean your dryer vent

Not all lint gets caught in the lint trap and a full vent could be a fire hazard. Vacuuming your vent will also save you money by reducing the time your dryer has to run.

Change your Air filters

When filters are clogged your home needs to work double time to keep your home warm. Consider setting a calendar reminder to change them every 90 days.