Home Renovations to Tackle During the Summer

Home Renovations to Tackle During the Summer

The summer heat is about to hit us head-on. Don’t waste time! Before fall comes around with its responsibilities and to-do lists, take control of what YOU want to do this summer. Feeling bored but don’t want to work? Feeling restless with nothing to do? Spend your summer renovating your home–not because the neighbors told you to and not because you want to be better than them. Do it because YOU want to. There are always ways to improve in life and construction, so take a look around your house and install that security system you’ve always wanted, or plant that garden you’ve been dreaming about. If you can’t think of anything, here are a few go-to renovation ideas to tackle this summer:

  • Landscaping

As nice as your yard is, be honest with yourself. Couldn’t it be a little better? Add a few flowers here and a few bushes there, edge the lawn and utilize native plants and efficient watering systems for your benefit. Soon enough, your yard will be taking care of itself. So take some time this summer to achieve that dream look, the one you see in the movies. If you have cabin fever and you’re looking for something to do, landscaping is the perfect summer renovation project for you!

  • Fire Pit

At some point, we’ve all wanted a fire pit. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of telling campfire stories, or maybe we just really like s’mores. Either way, summer is the perfect opportunity to buy, build, or install one. Free-standing fire pits and concrete tree ring fire pits are popular, fast, and fairly inexpensive projects. So get started now and spend the rest of the summer entertaining friends and family with ghost stories and roasted treats.

  • Security System

Security system installation is not only fast but fairly cheap! In fact, you could end up making money. Most home insurance companies are willing to reduce the annual insurance price by up to twenty-five percent. A mere fifty to three hundred dollars is nothing compared to the money you could end up saving. So spend a few days this summer installing your very own security system!

  • Ceiling Fans

Let’s face it–sometimes, the AC just doesn’t cut it. If you’re like the rest of the world, your bills have skyrocketed this summer as you’ve attempted to manage the unbearable heat. A ceiling fan installation is an energy-efficient and rewarding summer project that could be just what your home needs. So take control of your summer by reducing your HVAC bills and staying cool.