Graystone Mortgage is committed to helping you find the perfect loan for your next house.


Our loan officers can help with all types of loan. We do renovation loans, down payment assistance loans, new construction loans, and conventional mortgages, to name a few. If you live in Redmond or Renton call us today. We are able to help you expand your house, move into a bigger house, or move into your first house. Our team is trained to help obtain all types of loans for your home. We are motivated to do our best each day to help you get purchase the perfect house or to turn your existing home into the perfect house. Our experience as a company, founded in 1997, allows us to be an industry leader in home loans. New construction loans are very popular right now in expanding areas. Down payment assistance loans are very popular amongst first time homebuyers or young homebuyers. And renovation loans are great for those looking to add or upgrade.


If you live in the this area there is no better time to look for a mortgage than now. We also offer new construction, down payment assistance, and renovation loans. No loan is too big or too small. Our loan officers will take their time to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible for your loan. If you are looking for a renovation loan to update a kitchen or add an addition to the house we can help. If you are in a pinch but want to stop wasting money on rent, then look into one of our down payment assistance loans. If you want to build  the home of your dreams, ask us about our new construction loans. Residents of the area will be delighted to know that we always honor our clients by working with integrity, honesty, and dignity, ensuring that you get into the home you love and are paying the price you have agreed upon. No shady tactics are used. We will guide you through your mortgage, down payment assistance, renovation, or new construction loan to help you receive the best service possible when getting your new home.


New construction, down payment assistance, and renovation loans are perfect for building, buying, or upgrading. We recommend meeting one of our loan officers in person so they can walk you through the intricacies of each type of loan. We also originate conventional  mortgages. If you are in or nearby Redmond or Renton and are looking for a renovation loan then call us today. We will help you get your new addition or updated bathroom with the help from one of our experienced loan officers. We can also help with a no down payment loan for those who are tired of wasting money on rent. If you are looking to build instead of buy then a new construction loan will be right for you.