Things to Look For When Viewing Homes To Buy

Things to Look For When Viewing Homes To Buy

When you walk through a home on the market, you can get a good feeling if it is right for you. You also are able to see how it matches up against your checklist. While it’s easy to know if it fits your wants for things like the number of rooms or how much garage space it has, you need to do a little more digging for things that could end up being problematic. Here are some things to check when considering buying a home.

Ask the seller or agent when the roof was installed. One thing to check for with older homes is if they have multiple layers of roofing. If so, you may find issues such as asbestos being covered up.

If you spot any dips or sagging near the bathroom, this is a sign of poor plumbing. If you notice sagging in areas other than by the bathroom, it could mean the structure may need some work. This can be an expensive fix.

Cracks in the wall
Small cracks in drywall are not too worrisome. However, larger cracks may indicate structural issues or leaks. Cracks in brick are also not a good thing to spot as that most likely means movement, which can be a sign of serious problems.

Water in the basement
If the home has a basement, make sure to check for any water. If you notice any dampness, it could mean issues with the foundation. It is important to figure out where the water is coming from.

Fresh paint
Having a bad paint job is something that can be fixed. However, if you find a spot of fresh paint when the rest of the house hasn’t been painted in years, this could mean a recent repair. Recent repairs in one area could mean a cover-up to a problem just so it looks good for viewers walking

Test out the windows to make sure they open, close, and lock properly. It can create an expensive addition if they need to be replaced. Not only are windows that don’t open or close properly important to check for, but also poor quality windows in terms of keeping hot or cold air from outside from coming in.

Along with these features to check in the home, it is a good idea to learn about the history of the house. Ask the agent you are working with how long the home was owned previously. If the owner is there, ask them about the history of repairs, who made repairs, and if there are any warranties.

If you’re unsure about anything you’ve noticed while walking through a home, have an expert inspect the home. You will be able to avoid a lot of extra expenses if you find any hidden issues before buying a money pit. After you’ve found the right home for you, you’ll need to start the process of applying for a mortgage. Get started on your home loan with us today!