We are Creative!



Communication and finding joy are important, especially when things are tough. If you are stuck at home alone or with a family of 10, we all need to find ways to either escape or have fun together. Here’s a list of ways to brighten your day.


  • Video call game nights: whether it’s trivia, Pictionary, or another favorite game, you still can connect with friends and have fun…it just takes a little creativity
  • Virtual tours: Can’t travel? No worries! There are several websites where you can tour several famous destinations from the comfort of your couch.
  • Take a walk or take a bike ride: A little fresh air can provide a much-needed change of pace.
  • Make a craft: Whether it be finger paint self-portraits or creating new decor from your home, making something new can be a fun activity for the whole neighborhood.
  • Stuffed animal safaris: This one is a fun one for the kids. Several neighborhoods are hiding stuffed animals in their yards to see if the kids can spot them all.
  • Make a music video: Whether you want to show off your musical chops or just want to goof off a little, a music video is a great way to make your next evening exciting!
  • Get into a new podcast: When most days during the quarantine seem the same, something new is always refreshing. There are hundreds of free podcasts online on a variety of different topics
  • Color a picture: Coloring can be relaxing and creative for both kids and adults. Here are some coloring pages we have created for our clients.  Click on the image you would like to color to open a PDF for print!
reading coloring page
cabin coloring page
yoga coloring page
house coloring page
cottage coloring page